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Bruce Stock (fluke!ssc-vax!
27 Oct 88 19:04:52 GMT

line eater

In a recent posting I inadvertently slighted two (3?) vendors. First,
by referring to Network General (makers of The Sniffer) as "Data General", and
secondly by using the term "Lanalyzer" to refer to a generic network analyzer.

While Network General was content to suffer in silence, not so Excelan:

(Excerpted for brevity)

>LANalyzer is a registered trademark of Excelan, Inc. It
>refers to our EX 5100, EX 5300, and EX 5500 products which
>compete head-to-head with Network General's "Sniffer" product

>We're proud of our product, jealous of our trademark, and
>anxious to not have our trademark become a generic term.
>Accordingly, I ask you to please make another posting
>to comp.protocols.tcp-ip. Please explain the general
>situation to the newsgroup readership, with special attention
>to noting that:
> 1) LANalyzer is a registered trademark that denotes a
> particular product, and
> 2) Excelan Inc. values this trademark highly.
>Thank you very much!
>Chuck Kollars, Excelan, Inc. mtxinu!excelan!chuck@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU

        OK Chuck. Done.

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