TCP/IP test suites

Doug Grote (tektronix!orca!hammer!dougg@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
26 Oct 88 04:35:00 GMT

We wish to conduct conformance testing of our TCP/IP implementation,
and as such, we would like to obtain an appropriate protocol test
suite. In particular, we are interested in either SysV or BSD based
suites, but would entertain suggestions for suites of other flavors
as well. Since it's possible that some of the test suites were
developed in-house to validate a specific implementation, we would
also like recommendations for those suites that are generally
accepted throughout the industry as proof of compliance.

Further, we would also welcome recommendations for independent sites
that conduct TCP/IP conformance testing.

Please e-mail replies to the address below.

Thank you.

Doug Grote
Tektronix, Inc., IDG/ITD
(ARPA) dougg@hammer.GWD.TEK.COM
(UUCP) {decvax,ihnp4,allegra,uw-beaver,...}!tektronix!hammer!dougg

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