Re: Specification of Berkeley networking utilities

Charles Hedrick (!!
27 Oct 88 00:20:34 GMT

>Don't forget the transparency. Full 8 bit file transfers (like uucp 'g')
>don't work over telnet).

We do UUCP and xmodem over telnet all the time. is a
major UUCP hub. All of its dialup UUCP transactions are done through
TCP/IP terminal servers. (For reasons of efficiency on the host, we
are experimenting with having the terminal server go through a raw TCP
connection directly into uucpd. However most connections still go
through telnet.) For complete transparency, we require the user to
type "term download" on the terminal server. This disables the
sequence that would otherwise get you back into command mode on the
terminal server (like ~ in rlogin), and makes a set of protocol
choices that provide an 8 bit transparent path with most of our server
telnet implementations. You could do this by using telnet binary
mode. However since binary mode doesn't always seem to work on Unix
telnet, we do it in normal mode simply by making sure that we choose
an end of line representation that is consistent with the one used by
the Unix server telnet.

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