Capital-area Meeting to discuss Network Security
27 Oct 88 13:43:00 EDT

TCP-IP Implementers in the area might be interested in attending
this meeting.

   The George Mason University School of Information Technology and Engineering
            and the Virginia Cooperative Graduate Engineering Program


         Professional Development from the University of Maryland and the
       Washington D. C. Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery


                      An Interactive Televised Short Course
              Wednesday, November 9, 1988; 11:00 A. M. to 5:00 P. M.

Intended audience: The course is designed for senior technical managers in
                   data processing, information systems and network
                   environments in user organizations; senior development
                   staff in hardware and software; manufacturer and supplier
                   organizations; and consultants involved in OSI planning and

Description: This six-hour course presents an overview of recent
                   developments in network security, emphasizing the Open
                   System Interconnection (OSI) security architecture
                   developed by the International Standards Organization and
                   the Trusted Network Interpretation (TNI) developed
                   by the National Computer Security Center.

                            * Introduction to access control and authentication
                            * Using encryption for authentication
                            * Mandatory and discretionary access control

Location: George Mason University; Science and Technology Building
               Rooms 110 and 112
               Parking is available in Lot B or in the Patriot Center Lot.
               Please stop at an Information Booth for a parking permit.

Registration: Reservations are requested prior to Friday, November 4.

To register please contact: Mrs. Kathleen Jones
                             Cooperative Graduate Engineering Program
                             George Mason University
                             101 Science and Technology Building
                             Fairfax, VA 22030

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