TCP-IP Information
Thu, 27 Oct 88 12:54:58 EDT

Two good books on TCP/IP that helped acclimatize me to the networking world:

        - "An Introduction to TCP/IP" by John Davidson
          Publisher: Springer-Verlag

          This is a small thin book with lots of diagrams. You can zip
          through it on a Sunday afternoon. It concentrates mostly on IP
          on Ethernet, but does a good breakdown of packet contents and
          details each of the 7 OSI Model layers in separate chapters.

        - "Internetworking with TCP/IP" by Douglass Comer
          Publisher: Prentice Hall

          Not exactly Sunday afternoon reading, this is a big, thick textbook-
          format book. Has worked well for me as a reference when I've needed
          detailed information about something in particular. Perhaps if you
          ask, the nice person who posted a very detailed review of this book
      about a month ago will send you a copy.

Shelli Meyers
FTP Software, Inc.

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