Re: tcp-ip terminal servers

Larry Backman (interlan!
26 Oct 88 23:00:26 GMT

In article <In article <426@wasatch.UUCP> In article <426@wasatch.UUCP> haas@wasatch.UUCP (Walt Haas) writes:
>> I know somebody on the net posts from Interlan ...
>It was interesting to note that there was no response from Micom/Interlan
>protesting that they try hard to give good service. This is consistent
>with the way they don't answer phone calls.


        Keep those letters coming folks... We are now InterLAN, Inc;
        I have been feeding this sequence of postings to the new person
        in charge of support. His name is Steve Young, I thhink you can
        reach him at this machine (reach him at this machine (young@interlan)

                                        Larry Backman

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