TCP/IP for IBMs?

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26 Oct 88 17:06:19 GMT

I have been requested to come up with solutions to connect some campus
IBM machines to our campus TCP/IP network. The models are a System 36,
an 4181 and a 9370. The System 36 and the 9370 are currently stand-alone
but would perfer to connect to an ethernet. The 4381 is on an IBM Token
Ring with a bunch of PCs, so the preference there is to do TCP/IP on the
token ring. I can connect the token ring to the campus network with a a
Proteon router, but can the 4381 talk TCP/IP on the token ring?

What has been done at other sites? I hear that IBM has solutions to
these problems, but I also hear the the solutions are messy and

The location with the token ring would also like the PCs to use the
campus network. Has anyone written a IBM token ring adapter (real IBM)
driver for PD software like NCSA Telnet?

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