Re: Specification of Berkeley networking utilities
Wed, 26 Oct 88 14:57:29 PDT

        Surely you jest! Maybe once telnet can: (1) log you in without requiring
        a password in a file, (2) handle remote window size changes, (3) handle
        OOB data for (e.g.) SIGINT output flushing, and (4) have every machine
        handle raw octet data correctly, then I'll believe you.


   I believe that a properly implemented Telnet can handle all except (1)
   (note that RFC-1073 just got around to fixing (2)). Not everyone agrees
   that (1) is a good idea, although we obviously need a secure method
   to accomplish the same thing.

   It appears to me that the purported advantages of rlogin are due to
   poor Telnet implementations; do you disagree?

   Bob Braden

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