Re: Enough already - or - "The Further Adventures of Net 3"

Wed, 26 Oct 88 13:45:24 EDT


I suppose I should respond. To be honest, I don't invent half the
fractured netspeak I'm kidded about - I usually see or hear something
quaintly apt floating in the swamps and feed it to the alligators. So
far as I know, I first heard "bogon" from the crew at U Maryland, but
who knows where it had been floating before that. As far as the Millspeak
contribution to the netspeak dictionary that can be documented, I do
claim PING (Packet InterNet Groper), the first documented occurance
of which passed my lips in 1980. The notion of alligators swimming in the
swamps was born about then and even before the famous line (was it
Alexander Haig) "When we are up to our ass in alligators, maybe we
should remember we're here to drain the swamp."

Posted on my wall is Pogo's famous line "We have met the enemy and he
is us." There are lots of other famous quotes there, too, from Scagliary,
Shakespeare, Churchill, Goethe and Vint Cerf.


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