Re: Specification of Berkeley networking utilities

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24 Oct 88 12:41:52 GMT

In article <8810232211.AA18006@okeeffe.Berkeley.EDU>, bostic@OKEEFFE.BERKELEY.EDU (Keith Bostic) writes:
> > Is there a public domain specification of the Berkeley networking
> > utilities such as rlogin?
> Unfortunately, no; the source code itself, however, while not public
> domain, is freely redistributable. This includes inetd, ping, rcp,
> rdist, rexecd, rlogin, rmt, route, rsh, rwho, rwhod, and talk among
> other things.

        Have these things been published to a place where we can FTP
        them? If not they are not public domain. What of the library
        routines they rely on? Can they be FTP'ed?

> Keith Bostic

                                        Rick Spanbauer
                                        SUNY/Stony Brook

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