Re: Specification of Berkeley networking utilities

Phil Dykstra (phil@BRL.MIL)
Wed, 26 Oct 88 0:21:29 EDT

> If they were documented, then people would be implementing them, they
> would proliferate, and there would be no getting rid of them. The party
> line is that 4.3 telnet is better anyway, so we should all be using that.

Surely you jest! Maybe once telnet can: (1) log you in without requiring
a password in a file, (2) handle remote window size changes, (3) handle
OOB data for (e.g.) SIGINT output flushing, and (4) have every machine
handle raw octet data correctly, then I'll believe you. For RLOGIN.
Try to do RCP and RSH with Telnet ....

As for proliferation, in this building alone I've got Suns, SGIs, Vaxes,
Alliants, Goulds, and even a Cray that implements it. Its too late for
them to die out.

- Phil

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