Reliable Datagrams for RPC

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25 Oct 88 20:23:42 GMT

I need to implement an RPC (remote procedure call) library, which will be
used as the basis for a commercial product. RPCs will need to be made between
machines of different types, on client TCP/IP networks which we have little
control over. I have a few questions:

1. What are the commercial RPC packages available? I know about Sun's RPC,
Apollo's RPC, and Netwise's RPC, but are there others?

2. Assuming none of these fit my needs:
    (a) Does anyone have PD code which implements a reliable datagram
        service on top of UDP? (Ideally, the packets would be of arbitrary
        size, also.)

    (b) Can anyone tell me where the algorithms for such a service have
        been published. The closer the presentation is to C, the better.

    (c) I'm assuming that TCP is not the answer to my problem, since it
        is based on long lived connections. Is this correct?

Answers to question 1 should be sent to me, and I'll summarize to the net.
I think discussion about question 2 is more general, and should take place
on the net. Sorry if these issues have been discussed before.

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