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In article <In article <1988Oct24.200243.19459@utzoo.uucp> In article <1988Oct24.200243.19459@utzoo.uucp> henry@utzoo.uucp (Henry Spencer) writes:
>In article <> () writes:
>>Is there a public domain specification of the Berkeley networking
>>utilities such as rlogin?
><Chortle> Berkeley? Document their protocols? It is to laugh! (Or
>maybe to cry...)

Mike Karels said last year that he was avoiding making the `r-series'
protocol specs public (i.e. documenting them) because he was lobbying
some people to add extensions to Telnet to do the stuff that rlogin does
(e.g. pass the environment). He said he hoped that if that stuff got
into Telnet, rlogin and friends could just fade away quietly without

(Christ, Henry, don't you ever have anything nice to say about Berkeley? Even
once? (Henry? Say something nice about Berkeley? It is to laugh! :-))

Chet Ramey

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