Re: Decnet and TCP/IP LAN and WAN performance

Sat, 22 Oct 88 20:15:04 EDT


Please send stamped, self-addressed boxcar plus a couple of weightlifter
types. Be prepared to pay postage from several overseas countries and
to provide staff to comb through an estimated 20,000 electric messages
stashed on several Internet hosts plus numerous conference proceedings
and journal articles. First, however, retrieve a sruffy bibliography
in the file pub/ on host anonymously, then you
get to beat up the authors yourself.

Jeff Mogul at DECWRL has a nice bibliography of TCP/IP performance
articles. The SIGCOMM 88 Symposium has a couple of recent papers as well.
Chase the references plus the RFC and IEN indexes at the NIC (
and you will find most of the rest.


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