Re: Enough already - or - "The Further Adventures of Net 3"

Roy Smith (phri!
25 Oct 88 13:16:17 GMT (Bob Sutterfield) writes:
> I recently attended a Sun Educational Services class [...] I couldn't
> convince the instructor that she should encourage people to get a real
> number and use it, right off the bat.

        Perhaps there should be a permanently assigned class-C bogon-net
number. All the gateways would know to just drop any packet destined to or
from any host on bogon-net. Machines would come out of the box configured
to be on bogon-net, and/or the setup documentation would suggest that if
you don't have a real number, just use this one (perhaps without specifying
that is it the bogon-net, so as not to scare people off).

        As long as you are not connected and have your own private ethernet
with a few hosts on it and no IP gateways, life is fine. Once you connect
up, you have to change over to make the outside gateways talk to you, but
at least you limit the damage you do to yourself. Much better to have a
gateway drop your bogonograms then to think you are somebody else. Anybody
care to guess how many net 192.9.200's there are out there? Also, if you
are a network administrator and you see a packet coming in from bogon-net,
you are instantly alerted that somebody new came on the net and didn't get
a real net number. Much better than to trying to figure out why it
suddenly looks like somebody from Sun just plugged into your ethernet.

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