Re: tcp-ip terminal servers

Henry Spencer (mnetor!utzoo!
24 Oct 88 20:06:15 GMT

In article <> (Keith Mitchell) writes:
>In any case, I have yet to see a Unix system with rlogin which does not
>support telnet too. Telnet also has the advantage of being an officially
>defined and well-documented protocol, which is more than can be said for

One unfortunate problem is that Berkeley rlogin is definitely a better
implementation than Berkeley telnet. If you compare sources, it's fairly
obvious that rlogind is probably derived from telnetd, but various fixes
and improvements in rlogind have not found their way back into telnetd.
At least, not in the Sun sources that we have (VAXen are a vanishing
breed around here and I don't have any convenient way to check out the
current Berkeley sources).

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