Re: Dumb question: ping w/o icmp support?

Mike Eisler (aeras!elxsi!beatnix!
24 Oct 88 17:38:00 GMT

> In article <> In article <527@mks.UUCP: (Eric Gisin) writes:
> :In article <> :In article <440@gonzo.UUCP:, > :In article <440@gonzo.UUCP:, daveb@gonzo.UUCP (Dave Brower) writes:
> :: A number of the machines I use support only the tcp and udp protocols.
> You mean they're in violation of the RFC's? :-( ICMP is an integral
> part of IP, and it's got to be in there. Presumably you mean there's
> no user-accessible interface to ICMP services.

It's *got* to be in there? What will happen if I don't implement it?
Will the IP police come for me? Or will God send lighting my way? I
once implemented a simple UDP and IP for an AT&T 3b15 that was to be
used as an NFS server for a LAN of NFS clients. It worked quite well
without ICMP. I agree that you probably wouldn't want this
implementation on a public network, but it served the customer's
limited purposes.

        -Mike Eisler
        (For the record, I did this before I came to ELXSI, and all of ELXSI's
                operating systems implement ICMP.)

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