Re: tcp-ip terminal servers

Charles Hedrick (!!
24 Oct 88 18:39:24 GMT

The primary reasons for wanting rlogin in a terminal server are:
  - sending terminal type for hosts that don't yet support that
        via telnet (i.e. 4.2 based instead of 4.3 based)
  - better handling of ^S, ^O, etc.
Rlogin has as provision for toggling local handling of things like
^S. When you enter emacs or something else where that is
inappropriate, the host sends a message telling the terminal server
to stop handling those things locally. Thus rlogin sessions tend
to feel more transparent than telnet sessions. One can do better
with telnet than is normally done by implementing telnet sync
properly, but rlogin is still a bit more transparent. And of course
more existing telnetd's don't generate telnet sync, so in practice
rlogin is a big win for sites that don't want to put up their
own telnetd. I don't know whether this is a big deal or not, but
people who are very sensitive to how the terminal interface
behaves may think so.

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