ftp option PASV

Michael A. Patton (map@gaak.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Mon, 24 Oct 88 15:55:20 EDT

   Date: Tue, 18 Oct 88 13:55:17 EDT
   From: barns@gateway.mitre.org (Bill Barns)


   You are right, they are wrong, and TOPS-20 FTP does the right thing
   (at least about this, and assuming nobody broke it while I wasn't looking).
   I will leave it to you to try to think of a TOPS-20 host that might
   allow you to use anonymous FTP to get files whose names you more or
   less know already.......

   Bill Barns / MITRE-Washington / barns@gateway.mitre.org

If that's in fact the case XX.LCS.MIT.Edu [] might be a good
machine to try. Most of the RFC's should be available to anonymous
FTP as RFC:RFCnnn.TXT (where nnn is the 3 or 4 digit number), this
should be a useful test (and doesn't require you to go far beyond
SLUDGE for testing.

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