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24 Oct 88 17:13:46 GMT

In article <8810240330.AA18002@beast.DDN.MIL> stjohns@BEAST.DDN.MIL (Mike St. Johns) writes:
>I can't stress enough the importance of getting your own private and
>personal network number and not using such numbers as 127.x.x.x or
>the number that SUN lists in its documentation.


One of the departments on campus was late converting to OSU's Class B
address scheme, staying with the numbers that Sun had so graciously
provided them for far longer than anyone else around had. Of course,
their users complained to our operators that "I can get from our
department to yours, why are your machines so broken that I can't get
from your machines back to ours?"

I recently attended a Sun Educational Services class on the system
administrative differences when upgrading to SunOS 4.* from 3.*. In
the discussion regarding network configurations, I couldn't convince
the instructor that she should encourage people to get a real number
and use it, right off the bat. "But it's just a little company!"
"They'll be connected someday." "But they can just change over if
they ever want to get connected!" "By that time they'll have a lot
more than the few hosts you just sold them and it will be a real
hassle." She wouldn't be persuaded, and I looked to the assembled
gathering like a voice crying in the wilderness. Then there was the
issue of the frustration of people trying to pit a nameserver vs YP...

Mamas, don't let your children grow up to do like them folks done! If
you're using IP, get your own network number from the start. That's
why there's IP in the first place: so that you can talk to the entire
rest of the world. Save yourself muchos headaches later on.
Zippy sez, --Bob
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