is there a need for class A addresses?

Jose Rodriguez (jose@MCL.UNISYS.COM)
Mon, 24 Oct 88 11:42:31 EDT

These few messages on GE's network address has triggered some thoughts
I have been holding since the Annapolis IETF meeting, basicly:

Is there a need for class A addresses?

I can think of two possible uses of such an address:

1) A very large comm subnet - with 2^24 hosts.
(Does such a network exist? Will future telephones be IP hosts?)

2) Subnetting, say used by an organization with 255 class B networks.
(Would such an organization exist? Could the gateways front-ending the
subnetted network be able to handle the load?)

Your comments on the above will be appreciated.

Jose M. Rodriguez
Unisys McLean R&D

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