Re: SNMP/SGMP/ASN.1 information request

Marty Schoffstall (
Mon, 24 Oct 88 09:56:09 -0400

    I'm implementing an SNMP proxy server for some bridges and gateways
    that don't support SGMP or SNMP. The first part of this project
    is for a class I'm taking this semester, so I'm on a short time

    Can anyone out there help me find any of the following,
    preferably via anonymous ftp? I can spend some money,
    but it has to be a small amount for me to get it through
    the university system in a short period of time. I can
    spend larger amounts for the longer-term project, as it's
    not so time constrained.

    1. Any SNMP server/client code.
    2. Any SGMP server/client code.
    3. Any ASN.1 documentation, or conversion code.

Don't work on SGMP, SNMP is now the standard and is already
more widely accepted. Your work would have a longer future

    Also, any relevant documentation. I have the following:


Pick up RFC-1065,1066,1067 which are the relevant documents,
these were all published in August.

    and I am aware of the existence of SGMP RFCs, though I haven't
    searched for them yet. Is there another idea? I thought I saw
    a reference to idea0011-02 at one point but I didn't see it
    at Also, does idea0011-01 supercede idea0011-00?
    Are the ASN.1 specs (ISO International standards 8824 and 8825)
    available via anonymous ftp, or can I call or mail someone to
    get them? Is there a cost? Does anyone have SNMP or SGMP
    packet descriptions or sample packets they could mail me?

    I'll be glad to package up what I find out and post it, if the
    contributor(s) ok it.

NYSERNet of course has an implementation of SNMP which we've
been shipping since August (and SGMP back in January).


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