Enough already - or - "The Further Adventures of Net 3"

Mike St. Johns (stjohns@beast.DDN.MIL)
Sun, 23 Oct 88 23:30:32 edt

OK, OK - I'm sorry already!

Net 3 is registered to GE. They have every right to use that number!
I screwed up!

Now on the flip side - there are at least a dozen organizations who
have at one time or another picked their network numbers out of thin
air and at least 2 of these have eventually come on line on the
Internet. One of these was a duplicate of a number already assigned -
small problem! These are the ones I've know about - I have no idea
how many other random nets are out there lurking.

I can't stress enough the importance of getting your own private and
personal network number and not using such numbers as 127.x.x.x or the
number that SUN lists in its documentation. So give me a break when I
(or someone else) questions the validity of a net number - the routing
space you save may be your own!


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