Internet Mail Addressing Question !!

Bill Lewandowski (wrl@Ford-cos2.ARPA)
Sun, 23 Oct 88 19:22:50 MDT

I have a Mail Adressing Question I'm sure someone out there can help
me with:

Where can I find an explaination for the "%" (percent) character
as it is used in Internet Mail Addressing ?

I have gotten out RFC-821/822/733 and I can not see where the "%"
is a reserved or special character (It's not used in any examples in
either document). I know it's valid for sendmail but I have not
been able to find a reference yet.

I'm wondering if someone can point me to a document (RFC etc)
that covers the "%".

Any help would be appreciated.

Bill Lewandowski Ford Aerospace Corporation Colorado Springs Division
(719) 594-1899

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