Re: SNMP/SGMP/ASN.1 information request

Steven L. Waldbusser (
Sun, 23 Oct 88 16:57:45 -0400 (EDT)

I have an SGMP server (soon to be SNMP) that will be put in the public domain.
It is not yet in distribution form, so it isn't available via anonymous FTP.
Because of your time constraints, however, I can package everything up and send
it to you "as is".

This package includes the ASN builder and parser libraries, and the server code
that runs on the Kinetics Box (it also runs on CMU's PC/AT based gateways).
Some Unix/X based applications are also planned.

The documentation you are looking for is as follows:

RFC1065 Structure of Management Information (SMI)
RFC1066 Management Information Base (MIB)

Steve Waldbusser
Network Development
Carnegie-Mellon University

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