Re: Specification of Berkeley networking utilities

Roy Smith (phri!
23 Oct 88 14:36:17 GMT () writes:
> The type of question that I would expect to be able to answer given a
> specification is the use made out-of-band data in rlogin for example.

        I've been working on-and-off for a year or so trying to get my own
version of rlogin working under SunOS-3.2 and lately 3.5.2. The stumbling
block has been the out-of-band data part. Basicly, rlogin uses oob to
negotiate options such as "please inform me of window-size changes", but as
to the details of exactly how it works, I've had to just read the source
code (not a useful answer if you don't have source). I sort of think I
might have most of it figured out, but not well enough that I would risk
inflicting my misconceptions on other people.

        Perhaps I've made my job harder than it has to be by trying to get
my rlogin to run as a suntools application. I use the notifier to tell me
when oob data is available, but I don't think it works properly.
Sometimes, my oob routine gets called by the notifier (which supposedly
means there is oob data waiting to be read) but when I try to read it,
nothing is there (i.e. select says there is nothing pending, recv returns
0, ioctl says I'm not at the mark, etc).

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