Re: Dumb question: ping w/o icmp support?

NASA ARC NSI Project Office (
Sat, 22 Oct 88 11:19:26 -0700

There are implementations out there that fail to support ICMP. Some that even
fail to support default routes! The vendors out there that sell such 'products'
are committing crimes against the Internet community, since we have to debug
problems involving such. Some vendors which you wouldn't suspect don't even
do ARP!

I personally know of several implementations which are broken in the above ways,
but I'd probably get sued if I spoke up on the net. I'll let the poor users who
got this stuff because of a 'lowest bid' procurement speak up themselves. If any
of you vendors that are broken read this note, shame on you for building defective

One thing though, most of these implementations find homes on the MILNET, which
still has many hosts directly connected and not relying on gateways as much
as the rest of us...

I think DARPA missed the boat here; they should have registered TCP/IP as a
registered trademark like ADA, and required certification.


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