Re: NSFnet map

Hans-Werner Braun (
Sat, 22 Oct 88 11:01:07 EST

Susan Hares actually handles Routing Coordination as part of our NSFNET
project. She is Very Interested in maps of regional networks and, in fact,
has a pretty accurate set already. I am sure she would be happy to also get
campus maps, be it PostScript, ASCII or USMail. We are indeed trying to
make maps available on for public FTP (unless people declare
the maps they give us as private). Campus maps could even be of educational
value to others. There are a couple of documents on and
I think in a "ndoc" ("network documentation") directory, including a PS
map of the logical topoloy. You should be able to find a physical map there
soon, too. The ndoc format may change a little as it is not finalized yet
(and so far we had not even announced it to the regional networks). I am only
posting it here because some question was asked about it. Susan, by the way,
is not part of the Information Services (similar to NIC) group, but part of
my engineering staff. If you have maps for her, please do contact her at General questions should be send to
(which typically gets answered by the Information Services staff).

        -- Hans-Werner

PS: There should be a NSFNET overview article in probably the December issue
    of ConneXions, which will include both a physical and a logical map.
    Neither topology has changed since the new NSFNET backbone became
    operational at the beginning of July.

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