NSFnet map

Eric S. Johnson (mailrus!uflorida!manatee.cis.ufl.edu!esj@ames.arc.nasa.gov)
21 Oct 88 02:55:55 GMT

I have here in front of me a nice little map of the NSFnet. Local nets
are in ovals, gateways are little circles, regional nets nicely labeled,
lines connecting it all which represent the wires (loosely).
Looks like it might have been done in postscript.

The problem is that this map is a couple of years old. (somebody
passed it out at a meeting, back when we were first preparing for our
SURAnet connection)

Id sure like to get a hold of a recent version of this map. Or anything
else that might help me visualize the physical setup of the NSFnet.

Any Ideas?


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