Re: Dumb question: ping w/o icmp support?

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20 Oct 88 11:28:36 GMT

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:: A number of the machines I use support only the tcp and udp protocols.

You mean they're in violation of the RFC's? :-( ICMP is an integral
part of IP, and it's got to be in there. Presumably you mean there's
no user-accessible interface to ICMP services.

:: I'd really like to be able to ping from them. Is there any hope, short
:: of harrassing the vendors?
:Yes, port SUN RPC to your machines (see your comp.sources.unix archives).
:Run the etc/portmap server, this will serve as a RPC/UDP ping server.
:Then write a 20 line ping client that does an RPC
:call to the portmapper's NULL procedure (described in the documentation).
:PC/NFS has this program, they call it nfsping.

Minor nit: "nfsping" actually calls the null procedure of the
mount daemon rather than that of the portmapper, since we figured this was
more useful to the user. This was probably the wrong choice, since one
can find out if the mount daemon is up in a variety of ways (rpcinfo,
showmount, etc.).

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