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Bruce Stock (fluke!ssc-vax!
18 Oct 88 19:34:06 GMT

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Subject: Re: weird arps
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        You are just seeing the tip of the iceberg, believe me. I see the
        same things and LOTS more on our net using the Data General Sniffer
        (a Lanalyzer). There are so many pathologies on the typical,
        unmanaged ethernet, it would make your head sore.

        RE what you saw: The 0.0.0.number is probably coming from Kinetics
        fastpath boxes. They do a "double ARP", first using a TCP arp, then
        using an Appletalk ARP. The tCP ARP is asking for 0.0.0.(appletalk
        network number). This unnecessary TCP ARP can be turned off by
        certain incantations which Kinetics can tell you about.

        The second business of ARPing for the broadcast address is an artifact
        of the current state of implementation half-vastness where about half
        of your net doesnt recognize the broadcast address that the other
        half uses.

                                Regards, Bruce Stock

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