Re: Dumb question: ping w/o icmp support?

Eric Gisin (mnetor!utzoo!utgpu!water!watmath!mks!
18 Oct 88 17:47:09 GMT

In article <In article <440@gonzo.UUCP>, In article <440@gonzo.UUCP>, daveb@gonzo.UUCP (Dave Brower) writes:
> A number of the machines I use support only the tcp and udp protocols.
> I'd really like to be able to ping from them. Is there any hope, short
> of harrassing the vendors?

Yes, port SUN RPC to your machines (see your comp.sources.unix archives).
Run the etc/portmap server, this will serve as a RPC/UDP ping server.
Then write a 20 line ping client that does an RPC
call to the portmapper's NULL procedure (described in the documentation).
PC/NFS has this program, they call it nfsping.

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