Re: TCP/IP on the DR11

Fri, 21 Oct 88 14:22:59 CDT

> ONLY BIG BABIES David P. Hansen, CLSI, Inc.
> ARE PRO-CHOICE! 320 Nevada Street
> ---------------- Newtonville, MA 02160
>Internet: UUCP: {...}bbn!clsib21!dave


Why don't you set up your own distribution list if you wish to make such
statements (right-to-life-request?)? I'm sure I'm not the only one who takes
offense at having his mbox soiled with such unsolicited political crap. If
we wanted to hear that, we would subscribe to right-to-life-request...

I don't know, but might this even constitute misuse of the ARPAnet?


If I missed something (perhaps pro-choice means something else here? sure...),
I apologize...

--Shane Davis
  Systems Programmer, Univ. of Texas at Dallas Academic Computer Ctr.

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