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21 Oct 88 16:36:41 GMT

In article <18684@uflorida.cis.ufl.EDU> (Eric S. Johnson) writes:
>Id sure like to get a hold of a recent version of this map. Or anything
>else that might help me visualize the physical setup of the NSFnet.
>Any Ideas?

        That is something the MERIT person who handles NSFnet
relations in the MERIT NIC (is that Sue Gerlach?) told me that MERIT
was doing. Not sure how far they have gotten, but you can check via
anonymous ftp to and see what's there today.
        She said they might collect submitted maps, if that proves to
be workable, so polish up your campus network map :-)
        (Now let's see APPLE-SHIFT-<what?> will output a postscript
file from MacDraw, hmmm.... I wish I could figure out how to dump my
net map out into a ps file. Any ideas? :-)

        It would be excellent if MERIT would publish some ps maps.
NSFnet has an interesting physical and logical topology. It's
difficult to understand how they are working the backbone without a
couple of nice maps showing the differences between their physical
link architecture and their software architecture.

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