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Fri, 21 Oct 88 12:36:12 edt

My original posting of the following was unanswered. I am posting it again
in hopes that some one can help or at least direct me to help.


As I don't see much discussion of Sendmail on this list, I suspect this may be
the wrong forum for my question. If so, please direct me to the appropriate

I have just picked up Sendmail 5.59 from After loading
it onto disk, I printed off the documentation. The documentation describes
two subdirectories "cf.named" and "cf.hosttable" which contain sendmail
configuration files. As we are now running BIND, I want to use the cf.named
subdirectory, but it is not in the Sendmail distribution I picked up.
Where can I find the appropriate files, or who can I contact to get them?

Can someone tell me what the major differences are for hosttable
based configuration files versus named based configuration files? Are there
particular pitfalls to watch for? Is there a document describing setting
up a named based configuration file similar to the one Eric Fair wrote
for hosttable based configuration files? If so, where can I find it?

Bob Bradford
DREnet Coordinator (613) 998-2520

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