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18 Oct 88 21:48:50 GMT

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>Right now I have a Micom/Interlan NTS-100 downstairs to evaluate.

Forget it! We have one of these (obtained from Black Box) and
the software is ancient. Their implementation of telnet is poor
and they don't support two way ports (which would allow you
to dial in or out). You have to disable the modem talk modes
because they interfere with the telnet protocol (when will
somebody fix this). Most of all, the support (which used to
be quite good with this company), really stinks.

What would be ideal is a server which had downloadable software
and a standard cpu (like a 68000), which would allow you to
write your own code and load it. That way you could support
SUPDUP, telnet, ROSE, or any old protocol that you like. In
the meantime, get LSI-11s and do it yourself.

Sean McLinden
Decision Systems Laboratory

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