Re: ftp problem

Steven D. Miller (steve@umiacs.UMD.EDU)
Thu, 20 Oct 88 11:04:47 EDT

   You should check your ifconfigs in /etc/rc.boot to be sure they're really
happening. (Best check: type b -sb at the monitor prompt, then do the
stuff in rc.boot by hand, including the ifconfig.) I've seen (and reported
to Sun) a problem where diskless nodes will seem to work OK if they learn
their IP address purely via reverse ARP, but the address in the ifnet
structure has garbage where it should have zeroes, and binding local
addresses fails when that garbage gets compared to zeroes somewhere else.
The ifconfig stuffs the address into the interface structure properly. I
suspect that this problem is in all SunOSes up to (but possibly not
including) 4.0.

   I'll also bet that the ifconfig is failing on the clients because of some
interaction with YP and the nameserver. You might try putting the client IP
addresses directly into their ifconfig lines in rc.boot and see if that

   (Does it sound like this has happened to me before?)


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