Re: NetBIOS over TCP/UDP
Wed, 19 Oct 88 07:49:42 EDT

What is NetBIOS used for?

A couple years ago we managed to get our first versions of PCIP
running (CMU and FTP SW). I was sure management would be happy.
The PCs could speak the native tongue of the internet, exchange
files with various hosts running TCP/IP, even send mail. I figured
a massive bonus would surely come my way. No, instead it was a
swift kick.

We want TRANSPARENT file access, mail, and print services for our
PCs, said management.

So we studied PC NFS, NetBIOS/TCP, and Locus. None of these solutions
satisfy file, mail, print services 100%.

That however is the answer [ I think] to the question what is NetBIOS
for. Even just as a file service, it had potential. What choked it
for us was the memory required to make it work. Why would anyone
want transparent file access? Sigh. To this day, I wouldn't want
to be held to this, but supposedly users do not want to be bothered
to log in via FTP to xfer a file. They want the file to be referenced
as drive "F:".

These are a different breed of users than those who subscribe to
info TCP I suspect. Anyway, that is all in the past. The future
is my question. I read in the OS/2 SDK for the Lan manager that it
is very MS-NET and NetBIOSy. Assuming for a minute (big assumption)
OS/2 has some success in the marketplace, is this a boost for NetBIOS?
Will we have to take NetBIOS/ISO (NetBIOS/GOSIP in my case) seriously?

Stephen Northcutt

Caveat: there are questions that have no right answer. Discussions of
NetBIOS tend to lead to such questions.

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