Re: simultaneous connections

Ross Patterson (!!
18 Oct 88 16:42:20 GMT

>(The server which received the PASV command does only a passive open on
>the data connection, and the other one does an active open. There is a

Yes, that's right. I went back and re-read RFC959, and that's exactly what
happens. 20/20 hindsight reminds me that what I suggested couldn't possibly
work, since it would mean opening a connection between well-known ports on
two different systems, precluding the use of three-party FTP between those
systems by more than one user at a time.

>My admittedly superficial reading of the BFTP RFC led me to believe that
>BFTP doesn't alter any of this, but rather provides a different sort of
>a frontend to the FTP operation.

Yes, but it depends on the three-party model. I meant it as an illustration
of why three-party FTP exists (there are a number of people out there who
regard it as "hokey").

Ross Patterson
Rutgers University
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