Re: Questions on IP & 802.2,3 & use or value of streams.

Hwa Jin Bae (unisoft!bae@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
27 Sep 88 02:04:37 GMT

> 1) Anyone using IP over 802.2 LLC or 802.3 MAC layers in commerical or
> academic products? (Commercial folks are interested in having their
> products conform to "standards").

There are a few such products including one from us. Usually it is
done by using a 802.2 LLC header with DSAP and SSAP value 170 and
Control value 3 (unnumbered info.) along with a SNAP header to indicate
ethernet type field since the 802.3 doesn't have a type field, with
Protocol Id equal to 0.

> 2) What is ATT's streams used for: like Berkeley's sockets, to provide
> access to protocol families? Is there a "native" streams protocol or
> protocol suite? And more concrete: just like TCP/IP is being or will be
> delivered with streams, are there other protocol suits available
> (commerically or otherwise) with a streams interface?, say ISO's?

STREAMS provides a general environment to implement a networking protocol
or device drivers. Several implementations use STREAMS different ways to
implement TCP/IP. Some are straight ports of 4.3 BSD TCP/IP with additional
code for multiplexing modules at TCP and IP levels. At LLC level these
implementations usually use another module that understand M_PROTO messages
of various kinds that sort of simulates (implements) 802.2 like services
to be used by upper layer module (IP multiplexor). Others (like ours)
work different way but in general STREAMS implementations do try to follow
the "standard" stacks as closely as possible for better or worse.
There are some interesting issues involved in optimizing flow control
algorithms with STREAMS based protocol implementations.


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