KA9Q under XENIX SCO &/or SYS5

Joel Gartland (joel@vax.ftp.com)
Wed, 28 Sep 88 11:40:00 EDT

        I've just started working with rlogin and encountered a small problem
that i believe is quite simple, and is probably caused by my not too sizable
knowledge of rlogin. The problem is thus: I am rlogin-ing to a few hosts and
some of them, after they've been sent the username for server & client, term
type and baud rate, are sending the sequence 0x80, 0x90, 0xA0, each in separate
        I figure that their sending these values is correct, but what are the
significance of these values? Any help or pointers toward current, correct
documentation of rlogin is greatly appreciated.

                                Thanks very much,
                                                 Joel Gartland
                                                 FTP Software

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