Re: Info about UDP please

Sol Lederman (SOL@SRI-NIC.ARPA)
Wed, 28 Sep 88 07:27:44 PDT


The UDP specificiation is in RFC-768. It is available from the SRI-NIC.ARPA
host via the file transfer program (FTP). Within FTP log in as user ANONYMOUS
with password GUEST. Retrieve the file RFC:RFC768.TXT. The TCP specification,
which will be helpful in understanding how TCP and UDP differ as transport
protocols, is in RFC-793. The file to retrieve is RFC:RFC793.TXT. A third
useful file to retrieve is RFC:RFC-INDEX.TXT. It provides RFC titles and
corresponding RFC numbers, among other things. (You do need to know what
acronyms stand for to make the best use of the index. (TCP = Transmission
Control Protocol, UDP = User Datagram Protocol.)) One other source of
information about the two protocols, and about TCP/IP in general, is Doug
Comer's new book, Internetworking with TCP/IP, 1988, Prentice Hall, ISBN

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