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27 Sep 88 23:27:33 GMT

In article <8809260302.AA11541@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> dcrocker@TWG.COM (Dave Crocker) writes:
>One of the emerging major benefits of Streams is its utility in a
>multi-processor environment. Properly implemented, streams modules may
>operate in DIFFERENT address spaces. The only shared memory that is needed
>is for message-passing and data-buffers.

    This suggests that a Streams module may be written in
    a special way to run in a multi-processor environment, whereas
    perhaps it is the implementation of the Streams facility that would
    most require careful design for multi-processor operation. The
    modules themselves should be oblivious to the nature of the cpu/s,
    especially if the advantages of standardization are to be maintained
    (given that the existing Streams specification from AT&T do not
    allow for multi-processor operation).

    It would be interesting to know of approaches taken to implement
    Streams for multi-processor operation.

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