How to order my Internet Bibliography

Jeffrey Mogul (
Tue, 27 Sep 88 11:07:13 PDT

Yesterday on TCP-IP, Eric Cooper kindly recommended my recent report,
"The Experimental Literature of the Internet: An Annotated Bibliography".
DECWRL Research Report 88/3.

I've already received numerous requests for this document; to forestall
a further flood I suggest that rather than contacting me, you order it
directly, via the magic of electronic mail. For order information, send
a message to
Your message should have the word "help" on the Subject: line. You'll
receive a lengthy description of how to order WRL Reports, either in
hardcopy (by US mail) or PostScript form (by electronic mail). You
will also find out how to get onto our mailing list.

Since is a busy machine, don't expect an immediate reply.
Since is, after all, a machine, if you can't figure out
how to deal with it, I'm willing to help solve problems if you've already
tried reading the instructions.


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