U.S. Air Force Award of the ULANA Contract

Tue, 27 Sep 88 08:46:43 -0400

     The Electronic Systems Division (ESD) of the U.S. Air Force
is pleased to announce the award of the Unified Local Area
Network Architecture (ULANA) contracts. The ULANA contracts
consist of a integration and test contract to be managed by ESD
at Hancsom AFB, MA, along with an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite
Quantity (ID/IQ) contract to be managed by Air Force
Communication Command (AFCC) Engineering Installation Division
(EID) at Tinker AFB, OK. Two awards have been made: one to
Electronic Data Systems (EDS) Corp of Bethesda, MD; and one to
TRW Information Networks Division of Torrance, CA.

     ULANA represents a major advance in Air Force networking as
it establishes an Air Force standard for Local Area Networks.
The ULANA program is providing the vehicle to purchase the
components and engineering services to assist in integration,
while the computer systems and LAN media will be provided under
existing AF contracts.

     The ULANA program will provide a full range of LAN equipment
for Air Force use. Over 200 different LAN components and related
engineering services with a maximum value of approximately $150
million will be orderable under the ULANA contracts.

     The ULANA program will provide standardized Local Area
Networking components based on the IEEE 802.3 standard and the
DoD suite of protocols (TCP/IP, Telnet, FTP, SMTP, UDP, ICMP) The
components available from the ULANA contract will minimize
"unique" LAN implementations within the Air Force and permit
interconnectivity between Air Force standard computer systems.

     The computer systems that will be supported include Amdahl/
IBM with MVS, IBM with VM, Sperry 1100 with OS 1100, DEC Vax/
MicroVax with VMS, Zenith Z-150, Z-200, Z-248, IBM XT, IBM AT
Sperry PC40 with MS DOS and Xenix, Cromemco CS-220 with UNIX,
Gould 9050 with UTX 32, Honeywell with GCOS and NCR WS3000/
Burroughs XE520 with CTOS/BTOS.

     Other equipment provided under the ULANA contract include
terminal servers, bridges, DDN gateway, LAN encryption and
media attachment units. The media supported by the ULANA
components include baseband (both 10base2 and 10base5), dual
cable broadband, single cable broadband, fiber, and twisted pair.

     The initial test and integration contracts will be conducted
at a testbed located at Gunter AFB, Alabama. The test phase will
last eight months during which an Approved Products List (APL)
will evolve. After the products have been qualified and placed
on the APL, the components will then be orderable through the EID
by Air Force users. The dual award will provide a much larger
selection of similar components to better fit each user's needs.

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