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A number of people asked for a summary of the responses to my request (about a
month ago) for references to performance studies of networking
implementations. Thank you to all who responded, and my apologies for the
delay in posting this.

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First, let me recommend Jeff Mogul's ( excellent annotated
bibliography, which he distributed at SIGCOMM:

          ,author="Jeffrey C. Mogul"
          ,title="The Experimental Literature of the {Internet}: An Annotated
          ,type="Research Report"
          ,institution="DEC Western Research Laboratory"

And thanks to John Riedl ({ucbvax,decvax,hplabs}!purdue!riedl or
riedl@mordred.Purdue.EDU) for the following:
Here's a reference to measurements of UDP on Sun 3/50s:

        Author = "Bharat Bhargava and Tom Mueller and John Riedl",
        Title = "Experimental Analysis of Layered {E}thernet Software",
        BookTitle = "Proc of the ACM-IEEE Computer Society 1987
Fall Joint Computer Conference",
        Month = oct,
        Year = 1987,
        Address = "Dallas, Texas",
        Pages = "559--568"

Another paper I've co-authored contains measurements of two
multicasting implementations that we did (one a kernel-level
simulation, and one using Ethernet hardware multicast), and a
comparison of local-only communications methods with using UDP

        Author = "Bharat Bhargava and Enrique Mafla and John Riedl and
Bradley Sauder",
        Title = "Implementation and Measurements of an Efficient
Communication Facility for Distributed Database Systems",
        Institution = "Purdue University",
        Month = jun,
        Year = 1988,
        Number = "CSD-TR-783",
        Note = "Submitted for publication"

Lazowska et. al. discuss communications performance as a side issue:

        Author = "Edward D. Lazowska and John Zahorjan and David R.
Cheriton and Willy Zwaenepoel",
        Title = "File Access Performance of Diskless Workstations",
        Journal = tocs,
        Year = 1986,
        Month = aug,
        Volume = 4,
        Number = 3,
        Pages = "238--268"

Zwaenepoel implements blast, stop-and-wait, and sliding window data
transfer protocols on Suns. His measurements are non-standard in that
he avoids crossing the kernel/user boundary, but he has some
interesting things to say:

        Author = "Willy Zwaenepoel",
        Title = "Protocols for Large Data Transfers over Local
        BookTitle = "Proceedings of the 9th Data Communications
        Address = "Whistler Mountain, British Columbia, Canada",
        Month = sep,
        Year = 1985,
        Pages = "22--32"

I'm pretty sure that the V article in the March CACM makes some
mention of Unix datagram performance. At the least, I'm pretty sure
they mention a Unix implementation of VMTP:

        Author = "David R. Cheriton",
        Title = "The V Distributed System",
        Year = 1988,
        Month = mar,
        Volume = 31,
        Number = 3,
        Journal = cacm

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