Undeliverable Mail

SUN 25 SEP 1988 13:58:14 CDT

The following errors occurred while attempting to send this mail file.

Best guess - SENDER is: TCP-IP @SRI-NIC.ARPA

*13.58.10 FROM: Invalid user/address string

----------------------------- ORIGINAL MESSAGE -------------------------------

Received: from ADMIN.BYU.EDU by SDSUVM.BITNET (Mailer X1.25) with BSMTP id
 0015; Sun, 25 Sep 88 13:58:02 CST
Received: by BYUADMIN (Mailer X1.25) id 3530; Sun, 25 Sep 88 11:40:23 MDT
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 88 17:07:00 EST
Sender: "(TCP-IP ARPA Discussions)" <Sender: "(TCP-IP ARPA Discussions)" <TCPIP-L@BYUADMIN>
From: "Mark D. Eggers (219) 239-7258"
Subject: Network configuration document
X-To: tcp-ip@sri-nic.arpa
To: jeff consoer <To: jeff consoer <CC57000@SDSUMUS>

I would also like a copy. I only received the third part of
it (subsequently eaten by a power outage/disk crash) via
BITNET. Sending it to my internet address would probably
work much better.

It is:


Thanks - /mde/

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