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Hello again.

A short while back I posted a question pertaining to the "broadcast
address" of my particular TCP/IP version - Wollongong's Enhanced
WIN3B running on three AT&T 3B2/310's. I asked if anyone knew why all of
my attempts to change the broadcast address from a sockets application
(with the SIOCIFGBRDADDR ioctl) were failing with EINVAL. Well, many
people pointed out what should have been painfully obvious: that
version of TCP/IP is based on BSD4.2 Sockets, which does not support
a change of broadcast address! However, the #define for
SIOCIFGBRDADDR appears in the header file <ioctl.h>!!! My thanks
to all who responded, and my condolances to those who had wished to
do the same thing I did.

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