Re: broadcast pings

Alexander Dupuy (douglass!
24 Sep 88 18:22:47 GMT

As someone pointed out earlier, if responses to broadcast ICMP packets are
disallowed, we'll have to come up with a new way of determining the network
mask. But it is true that if all the hosts on a network respond, you have
instant congestion.

Perhaps a compromise is in order. Leave the requirement that hosts not respond
to broadcast ICMP packets, but make a specific exception for gateways (what
does the gateway requirements RFC say about this?) saying that they may respond
to properly formed broadcast ICMP packets. Presumably, the number of gateways
on a net is much less than that of hosts, so the congestion problem is not too
great. And if you have a need to determine your netmask, you ought to have a
gateway on the net (what's the point of subnetting a standalone net?).

Is this too simple to really work?


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