Re: Proteon p4200 Packet Drop Rates

Edward Vielmetti (mailrus!
24 Sep 88 05:30:48 GMT

In article <8809211412.AA08336@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU> KASTEN@MITVMA.MIT.EDU (Frank Kastenholz) writes:
>Running the MIT/CMU PC/IP Ping between the two PS/2's continuously
>I see packet losses (i.e. response timeouts) on the order of 1 in
>every 2500 ping requests (or 1 every 5000 packets - 1 packet for the
>request, one for the response). There is no other traffic, etc on

it could be that the drops are happening on the pc, not at the
proteon. try it out with the ka9q pinger as well to isolate
software/hardware differences on the pc end. Which ether card
are you using?

I trust proteons more than I trust the MIT/CMU PC/IP.


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